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Rising 12th grade

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Ivy Dream’s goal is to help craft an application that showcases a truly outstanding candidate who stands out in a large pool of competitors. By emphasizing a student’s strengths, supplementing their weaknesses, and presenting a persuasive story that weaves together all that a student has achieved in his or her three years of high school, we aim to have the college application embody the student’s limitless potential and unparalleled intellectual curiosity.

Whether it’s generating a school list, outlining and editing essays, creating a resume, preparing for interviews, or anything else related to your college application, we will guide you through every step.

I am sure you have heard of the student with the perfect GPA and test scores who didn’t get into the top colleges. And then there is the student with average numbers who got into the most selective colleges. The difference is in the application.

Indeed, here are some of the results our students have obtained, despite their arguably “average” numbers:

Accepted to Harvard with 11 B’s

Accepted to Princeton with 16 B’s

Accepted to Columbia with 10 B’s

Accepted to University of Pennsylvania with 15 B’s

Accepted to University of Pennsylvania with 13 B’s

Accepted to Harvard with SAT Score of 2170 (out of 2400)

Accepted to Yale with AP Score of 1 and SAT Subject Score of 620

Accepted to University of Pennsylvania with SAT Reading Score of 630

Accepted to Cornell with SAT Reading Score of 560

Home School Student Accepted to Caltech

Accepted to UC Berkeley with SAT Score of 1830 (out of 2400)

Accepted to UCLA with SAT Score of 1620 (out of 2400)

Ivy Dream Approach

Ivy Dream provides comprehensive consulting to students seeking admission to highly selective universities. We work with students from all over the world via FaceTime, phone calls, emails, or texts.

Every student that works with Ivy Dream will be matched with a particular consultant, according to his or her interests and strengths. That consultant will be your mentor, knowledgeable guide, and dependable supporter.

Your consultant will guide you through every step of the crafting process for your applications, including identifying the main themes of your application, drafting and revising the essays, and creating the resume.

Your consultant will further communicate with the Leadership Team and writing specialist to ensure that the best strategies are being applied to your applications.

The writing specialist, in conjunction with your consultant, will revise every written component of your applications.

The Leadership Team will periodically correspond with the student to offer big-picture comments and perspective on the applications.

What We Do

Personal Assessment

  • Identify and understand a student’s story and themes
  • Analyze a student’s strengths and weaknesses
  • Advise on target colleges
  • Propose possible major(s)


  • Brainstorm topics for student’s essays
  • Guide a student’s outlining process for potential essay topics
  • Revise and comment on the structure and content of the personal statement and supplemental essays
  • Unlimited revising


  • Compile Activity List
  • Suggest additional activities for senior year that can help boost the chances of admission
  • Advise on and revise resume drafts


  • Coach how to approach teachers and counselors for recommendation letters
  • Advise on which recommendations should be obtained from teachers and counselors

Final Review

  • Confirm that all applications are fully filled out
  • Review all parts of the applications
  • Ensure that applications are polished and fully revised


  • Suggest possible interview questions or topics that may be asked
  • Conduct mock interviews to help prepare for college interviews
  • Provide feedback to improve student’s interview performance

Service available to rising 12th grade