Law School Application

While law school applicants have the flexibility to explore various academic areas and industries, they need to weave these experiences together to craft a compelling personal narrative for law school admission.

Ivy Dream consultants can help you identify a strategy to optimize your candidacy for law school. As you prepare your law school applications, we will guide you through the entire process, from tailoring your resume to revising your personal statement, and more. Our writing specialists will also review and provide feedback on every part of your application.

What We Do

Personal Assessment

  • Analyze a student’s strengths, weaknesses
  • Identify and understand student’s story and its themes


  • Advise on target law schools
  • Make a compelling story based on student’s interests and strengths
  • Individualized unique strategy for each student


  • Compile Activity List
  • Advise on the format and structure of resume
  • Revise written characterizations of extracurricular, internship, and work experiences


  • Brainstorm topics that a student can write about
  • Guide a student’s outlining process for potential essay topics
  • Revise and comment on the structure and content of the personal statement and supplemental essays


  • Conduct mock interviews to help prepare for law school interviews
  • Provide feedback to improve student’s interview performance
  • Describe possible interview questions that may be asked

Final Review

  • Confirm that all applications are fully filled out
  • Review all parts of the applications
  • Ensure that applications are polished and fully revised

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