College Admission Consulting​


In a landscape where college admissions are fiercely competitive, passion and aptitude may be fundamental, but having a tailored, strategic approach to admissions is more important than ever. At Ivy Dream, we understand the nuances of gaining admission to diverse fields of study. We specialize in customized consulting, enabling students to distinguish themselves, even amongst a pool of highly qualified candidates.



We begin by deeply understanding you. Through a rigorous assessment, we gauge your strengths, identify areas for growth, and align these with your academic aspirations.


Success in college admissions transcends the confines of grades and test scores; it’s about crafting a distinctive presence. For each student, we curate a tailored strategy, unique to their aspirations and field of study. Depending on individual assessments, Ivy Dream may propose:

  • Explorative Opportunities: We guide students towards relevant explorative opportunities in their chosen fields, be it a research endeavor, a creative project, or community engagement, aiding them in gaining a distinctive edge.
  • Comprehensive Portfolios: We assist in the formulation of comprehensive portfolios or projects, showcasing students’ proficiency and passion in their chosen disciplines, thereby enriching their applications.
  • Showcasing Achievements: We aim to help students showcase their accomplishments effectively, whether through publications, exhibitions, performances, or other platforms, ensuring their profiles resonate with impact and distinction in the eyes of admission panels.


An application is more than just filling out forms. It encapsulates your journey, your aspirations, and your dedication. With our experienced team by your side, you’ll have assistance in sculpting compelling essays, streamlining potent recommendation letters, and ensuring every facet of your application truly stands out.

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